A Skincare Routine that Works :: Celebrating Winter Skin Relief Day

Monday, January 8, 2018

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by CeraVe®. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Winter has barely started and man, I am itching for the sun and warm weather already.

Well, literally I am itching actually.

You see, that's another problem with the winter season - my skin gets so dry and itchy, I can't even handle it. This year I decided to tackle the problem head on and find a solution that would work. And considering today is Winter Skin Relief Day, I thought it would only be appropriate to share with you my winter skincare routine that I use to help tackle this winter skin issue.

So what is Winter Skin Relief Day anyway?
Winter Skin Relief Day is celebrated on January 8th and brings awareness to all the extra attention your winter skin needs.  We know the temperatures are dropping outside - I mean, it was a balmy -11 yesterday here in Indy. That means we are rising those thermostats inside, which saps the amount of moisture in the air, and unfortunately, our skin is first to notice. As winter quickly kicks into high gear, Winter Skin Relief Day reminds us of all the ways we can protect our skin under the harshest elements.

One of my least favorite parts of winter are dry skin. I hate washing my face in the morning or at night and basically feeling like my face is crisping off layer by layer. I'd say my skin type is normal to dry but no matter what I used in the past, my face never felt hydrated enough. I recently started using CeraVe® Skincare products and to be honest - I'm really hooked. The products were developed by dermatologists and is the first and only brand to offer a complete line of advanced skincare products that contain an exclusive combination of ceramides 1, 3 and 6-11. 

Say what? What in the world are ceramides? 

The glue that holds skin cells together, ceramides keep moisture in and irritants out while restoring your natural skin. CeraVe® products use patented MVE technology that releases ingredients slowly over 24 hours, allowing them to absorb into the skin to hydrate and nourish, as well as restore and lock in moisture to protect your skin.  My daily skincare routine is on point for my skin and I have yet to feel like a piece of sandpaper.

I thought it may be helpful to share with you what my skincare routine has been lately because if you are like me, you aren't a huge fan of the crunchy, crispy skin feeling either.

My Daily Skincare Routine

Morning - One of the first things I do in the morning is wash my face. Now I am using CeraVe® Hydrating Facial Cleanser which contains hyaluronic acid to help retain skin’s natural moisture while removing dirt, oil and makeup all while cleansing, hydrating, restoring and protecting my skin. Once my face is dry, I use two pumps of CeraVe® Skin Renewing Day Cream with Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen. This cream is designed to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles because unfortunately I was not nice to my skin when I was younger. I love that it is light and not too heavy and is a perfect moisturizer for my face before applying my makeup for the day.

Nighttime - I have consistently washed my face every night since I can't even remember when. There is something about washing away a long day before crawling into bed for the night. After using my CeraVe® Hydrating Facial Cleanse, I apply CeraVe® Skin Renewing Night Cream to my face. I simply dot the cream around my eyes, frown lines and forehead and then blend it all together. This cream also contains hyaluronic acid, ultimately helping reduce the look of tired skin and supporting skin elasticity plus is a great moisturizer.

But it's not only my face that gets hit hard during the winter, my hands also are a hot mess. Being a teacher and mom of three littles, I am CONSTANTLY washing my hands. I mean, hello Flu Season. So my hands are super dry and rough. CeraVe® Healing Ointment (National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance) is an essential product for my winter skincare regime. provides your skin with the intense, long-lasting moisturization it craves during the winter time. This oitment is combined with a non-greasy gentle formula that soothes, temporarily protects and helps to relieve dry, chapped and chafed skin caused by the colder air. I can throw the tube into my purse for on the go and keep the jar right in my bathroom to use after washing my hands. 

My sweet Remy's bum has been red and dry lately too! I mean think about it - the poor kid is sleeping in a cold, wet diaper for 12+ hours a night in these frigid temperatures outside! So for part of our nighttime routine, I coat her bummy with CeraVe® Baby Healing Ointment before putting on her diaper because it helps treat and prevent diaper rash by helping to keep wetness out, while soothing and temporarily protecting and relieving chapped and cracked skin. 

It's only January and I'm over this weather. Funny thing is next week the temperatures are supposed to be back into the forties but then drop right back down to the low twenties. I mean seriously Indiana weather, make up your mind.

Share with me!
What are your winter skincare tips? How do you protect your skin from the harsh elements of the winter season?

Get more information on CeraVe® and learn more about their products here!


Three Tips to Surviving Cold and Flu Season

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Every year I try to get ahead of the cold and flu game. And every year I'm just a little bit more successful than the last. But this year had me like WOAH. I feel like the cold and flu season came at me early, hard and fast! We had barely made our flu shot appointments when my kids were waking up coughing, sneezing and sniffling. However, I feel like a veteran in this area of motherhood now. After my son spent the majority of his first year of life in and out of the doctor's office or sick at home, I can now confidently say that I have found a few tricks that I will consistently pull out of my hat at each sign of a cold or flu.

Here are my tricks for surviving cold and flu season:

1.  Wash, Wash, Wash Your Hands
Maybe it's the teacher in me, but I am constantly washing my hands - and making my kids wash theirs too. We have multiple bottles of hand sanitizer in our house and I also always have a small bottle in my purse or diaper bag for those occasions when we can't make it to some soap and water. Especially during cold and flu season I definitely feel like you can't wash your hands enough!

2. Liquids and Vitamin C
This may seem like an obvious one but it sometimes seems to be the one I forget about the most! My kids will carry around water bottles filled with water when they are battling a cold. A little trick I use to get them to drink more water is to fill their bottles up with ice cubes and they will chug them down. Also, we will mark on the fridge with tally marks how many bottles they drink in a day and they love to challenge each other!

As far as vitamin C goes, during cold and flu season I keep my fruit basket stocked with little clementines and oranges. My daughter will sometimes eat two or three a day which is fine by me! I also buy orange juice for breakfast for a morning boost. When I was at the grocery last I found little cartons of juice that all three kids loved and it was an easy way to get them to drink their juice!

3. Stock Up the Medicine Cabinet
Since my kids are three different ages, it's important that I make sure that my medicine cabinet is stocked up with medicines for each child.

--Children’s Advil® Suspension is a must have for all three kiddos! This helps ease aches and pains like headaches and is appropriate for children ages 2 through 11.  Children’s Advil® Suspension will also reduce fevers and is offered in several great flavors including Sugar-free Dye-free Berry, Bubble Gum, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Fruit and Dye-Free White Grape flavors.

--Children's Robitussin® DM Day/Night Pack is my go to pack because of the two options that are suitable for Cohen and Lola. This pack includes Children’s Robitussin® Cough & Chest Congestion which is a great non-drowsy formula to break up chest congestion for kids 4 and older and is ideal for daytime. Children’s Robitussin® Nighttime Cough Long-Acting is great for Cohen (my 7 year old) because it offers nighttime relief of that cough and runny nose to help children sages 6 and older get a great night's rest.

--Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough comes in a tasty grape flavor for kids 6 years and older. This formula tackles that annoying stuffy and runny nose and also works to relieve that cough. 

*It is important to remember to always read and keep the cartons for complete warnings and dosing information on Pfizer Pediatric products and to use as directed! *

I have a feeling that this year's cold and flu season will be no joke at all. I also have a feeling that many of you have been or are currently battling your own icky sicknesses with your littles too! Take my advice - being prepared now is half the battle!

Share with me!
What are your tips to tackling cold and flu season?

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Bundling Memories of Our Final Firecracker

Friday, June 30, 2017

Remy is our third, and final, baby of the family. We like to refer to her as our spicy child because that's what she is - extremely spicy with a fiery mind of her own. It's hard for me to think back on last summer because she was just learning to do baby things like eat baby food, roll over and crawl on her own. This summer is a whole new situation. Rather than learning how to do things, Remy is learning (and being reminded) how NOT to do things. What do you mean, you ask? Like, standing on ALL THE THINGS. Standing on the table, the couch, the chair, the toys; I would call it the summer of, "No Remy!" But as much as it may drive me nuts, my husband reminded the other night that this is it - we will never have another baby at this stage of life again. And that struck a heart string because he's right, we will never experience the innocent and happy mischief of the toddler age again. The little stinker face that looks at you when she knows she is doing something wrong, this is the final time it will actually be cute. These are the memories I want to bundle up and keep forever of my little mover and shaker.

This summer has been busy already and I've decided to spend the last month of break staying in the moment with my family as much as I can. I want to experience things with them and create memories that we will look back on in a few years and say, "Hey! Remember when..." So I want to be prepared and not have to waste my time on little things and trips to the store. On a recent trip to Sam's Club I decided to stock up for the remainder of the summer on diapers and wipes for Remy because that is one less thing I have to worry about. I've always been a fan of Huggies for my family and I love that I can get up a month's supply at once at my local club. Right now, you can get $10 two diapers, wipes or pants bundles and $18 off any three. Not only did I save time, but I also saved money too!

The convenience of this store saves my family so much time and allows me to spend that extra time with them. For me, I love to utilize the the Club pick-up as much as I can. You can order online and Sam's Club will have everything ready for you when you go to pick it up! Just check in on the app or the kiosk in the store to bypass the lines and check out fast. I'm kind of obsessed with the Scan&Go feature that allows you to use the app to check out faster. Once again, Sam's Club to the rescue when it comes to allowing me to save time to spend the last moments of this summer that is quickly passing by us!

While I know our family is complete, I can't help but feel sad that we won't ever experience these fun little stages with a little one again. But I think that's why capturing these memories and bundling them with new ones is even more important. One of my favorite quotes comes from Ferris Bueller. He simply states, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it." And boy, is he right.


Little Moments with Entenmann's Little Bites + GIveaway

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Disclosure: The coupons for product redemption, information, and gift card have been provided by Entenmann’s® Little Bites® so that I could try the product and share my thoughts and information about Entenmann’s® Little Bites®. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and do not reflect the opinions of Entenmann’s® Little Bites®.

Summer is almost here - for real. I think I can basically taste it. And I'm not the only person in my family who is jumping for joy when it comes to the sounds of summer. My family lives and breathes the season and everything that comes along with it. We play hard all day and at night, we all sleep hard. That's one of the best things about summer. But overall everything I truly enjoy these little moments that are made together as a family - the ones that make our days memorable and our hearts full.

This past weekend we got a taste of what is about to come with warm temperatures and sunny skies. While I had anticipated an extra hour or two of sleep that Saturday, Lola woke me up bright and early ready for breakfast. So instead of waking up everyone else, the two of us tiptoed off downstairs. Together we snuggled up on the couch under a blanket, Lola with her milk and me with my trusty coffee cup enjoying our morning dose of cartoons. I love the feeling of knowing there is nowhere to go and not a rush to get moving along - and in that moment, I was quickly reminded of how much I enjoy our summer mornings like this one together. Sometimes it feels like we are constantly on the go everywhere we go. But in this small moment I started to get excited about being able to turn off the alarm clock and let these sweet little faces be my alarm for the next two months.

Ironically that morning while I was cuddled up with Lola, social media reminded me of one of my all time favorite summer time pictures of Cohen and Lola:

From the precious little bedhead to the darling smiles on their faces - I could eat each one of them up over and over again. I laughed at the muffins in Lola's hand because I realized how often we eat Entenmann’s® Little Bites® as part of our breakfast routine. During my last weekly grocery run I grabbed a box of Entenmann’s® Little Bites® Smurf Blueberry Muffins (only available until April 30th!)  because a day doesn't go by when either of Cohen or Lola asks to see, "Smurfs, The Lost Village" since it hit theaters April 7th.  (When you purchase two specially marked boxes you receive a $5 off movie ticket to see the movie!) Plus Entenmann’s® Little Bites® contain no high-fructose corn syrup, no trans-fat and are certified Kosher. The little bags are perfect for morning bites or afternoon snacks and just 200 calories a pack. My kids loved these things since they were little! I definitely plan to stock up for our summer of fun.

As I left my classroom tonight I glanced at the calendar and counted just 27 school days left until summer break. I'm ready for fun in the sun and lots of time with my littles! What are your favorite little moments with your family?

  For more information about Entenmann’s® Little Bites® Smurf Blueberry Muffins or about the Fandango Movie Promotion, please visit www.littlebites.com.

Easy Cleaning with Bona free & simple

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spring is FINALLY here. While it may be snowing (yes, SNOWING) here in Indiana today, the forecast is sunny skies and 70 degrees this weekend. (Indiana weather is a hot mess people.) While I love nothing more than the breeze through an open window, it is an even better combination when paired with a fresh and clean house. My husband recently replaced our carpet with wood floors and as a mom of three littles and a wild dog, I love that it makes cleaning up easier. However, my kids refuse to wear shoes when the weather is warm so I find myself mopping and cleaning up little piggy toe marks off the floor several times a week.

But when it comes to cleaners, I like to do a my research a bit. I prefer to find ones that aren't loaded with harmful chemicals but can still give my house a mean clean. After the hard work my husband put into these floors, he too can agree that he prefers a cleaner that provides an effective clean for our hardwoods but one that is gentle without added dyes or scents. Bona free & simple is a water based formula that is hypoallergenic - which means it is safe to use around my kiddos and pets. Plus it removes over 93.3% of allergens from hard surfaces and is certified allergy and asthma friendly by the AAFA, which is especially important for Cohen who has respiratory issues.

Bona free & simple cleaner is simple to use. Just three steps actually!

1. Spray in the area you want to clean.

2. Wipe and clean.

3. Repeat!

I told you it was super easy! My floors look great and those little piggy marks are easily cleaned and wiped away! Now with three kiddos (and six feet) running around this house, Bona free & simple will help make cleaning up after my family so much easier.

For more information and to find where you can find Bona free & simple near you, check out their website!

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How I Balance the Crazy Life of Parenthood + $25 Gift Card Giveaway

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Disclosure: This information and giveaway has been provided to me by Store Brand Formula. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I'm a wife, a mom of three, a teacher of twenty-two second graders and I run not one, but two different sites. Plus I'm a lover of the treadmill and cycling classes. So ask me, how do I balance it all? 

I have to be honest...sometimes I don't.

There aren't enough hours in a day to get everything done nor enough days in a week to get all of the boxes checked off on the to-do list. The thing is, I think even if I was given an extra day each week or an extra hour a day, things would still be left to do. Because life. That's why. Life happens. So I'm learning that it's okay to not get everything done. Of course it's been hard for me. I'm one that can't handle leaving with a desk full of papers or knowing I have emails that need to be checked. But I have also found that I have to let it go because I can't do it all - there's no way. And even though it's hard, I'm finding that my level of happiness only grows bigger.

So what is my secret to parenthood happiness? I love being able to take Lola to ballet on Saturdays, just the two of us. I also love taking time at night to read with Cohen in his top bunk and listening to the stories about his day.   Scooping a running Remy up from the babysitter everyday and hearing her raspy giggle is also one of the happiest moments of my day. I also love my solo runs on the treadmill in the early morning hours as I catch up on my DVR. It's about finding these little moments and not telling the hustle and bustle of the other busy things in my life get in the way. My formula of happiness is when I let things go for a bit and enjoy the moments that really warm my heart.

Speaking of formula, with all three of my kids, when we switched to formula I quickly found out how expensive the name brands would add up each week. I wanted an alternative that was just as good as the name brands and wouldn't put such a harsh dent in the wallet. Store Brand Formula is nutritiously comparable to nationally advertised brand but costs up to 50% less! It's called formula for a reason, right? And now, Store Brand Formula wants to know what is YOUR secret formula to parenthood happiness? It could be worth $1,000 plus a year worth of store brand formula if you're lucky!

Here's what you need to do:
1. Go to ShareYourFormula.com, enter your name, email address zip code, and your baby’s birth date between now and April 24, 2017 

2. Use our Store Brand Formula emoji keyboard to create your personal formula for parenting happiness. Here's mine!

3.  Confirm you are at least 18 years old at time of entry and agree to the contest official rules.

If there is one thing I have learned in my six and a half years of parenthood, it's that it really goes by so fast. While there may not be enough time in my day to balance it all, I'm going to cherish these small moments with my littles for all that it's worth because that's what counts. Ferris Bueller said it best, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." And he's so right.

Share with me! How do you balance parenthood? Enter below for a $25 virtual gift card!

When Your Kid's Cold Gets Real

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and 20th Century Fox. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Flu season has been rough for my family. It hit early and man, did it hit hard. While the girls have taken the brunt of it all, Cohen seemed to skate on by...until recently.

Last week he woke up grumpy and whiny. While this isn't too uncommon, it just seemed out of the normal grumpy and whiny. (Believe me, that is possible.) By the time I picked him up from school his cheeks were red and he was complaining of a headache.  I could tell just by looking at him that he didn't feel well and he immediately fell asleep as soon as we got home from school. Luckily it was a Friday afternoon so I knew we'd have the entire weekend to recover - and boy did we need it!

As soon as Kurtis got home, I headed to Target (because let's be honest, where else would I go) to stock up on the essentials. I needed to get this kid some relief and get it fast! Now that Cohen is six, I can offer him different medicines that are targeted to specifically ease his cold symptoms. Immediately I grabbed Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough to tackle his stuffy and runny nose and relieve his cough. This stuff brings me back to my childhood when my mom would offer my sister and I both Children’s Dimetapp® when we were sick. The grape flavor was always a favorite of mine so I knew Cohen wouldn't mind it either. Plus Target has a Cartwheel coupon for it too and I can't resist a good Cartwheel deal! I also noticed Children's Robitussin® DM Day/Night Pack (Children’s Robitussin® Cough & Chest Congestion and Children’s Robitussin® Nighttime Cough for ages 6+)  had a great Cartwheel coupon too.  This non-drowsy daytime formula helps break up chest congestion, while the long-acting nighttime formula relieves coughs and runny noses to help kids get the rest they need. If you need to stock up on Children's Advil® (ages 2-11) to ease those aches, pains and fevers, the Cartwheel coupon is going on for this medicine too! If you don't Cartwheel, now is your time to download the app and start saving - it won't disappoint.

Considering he didn't feel well, I decided to grab a movie to make it a night of cuddles together because we all know there's something magical about Mama's snuggles when you don't feel well. With baseball season just around the corner, I knew he'd be excited about The Sandlot. This movie is an all-time favorite classic. One of my favorite movie quotes is, "You're killing me, Smalls!" Plus you got to love the story line. You know, Scotty Smalls, the shy new kid on the block who wants to join the rowdy pickup baseball team that plays every day in the neighborhood sandlot. And the summer passes blissfully as Scotty learns to play ball under the wing of Benny Rodriguez, Ham, Squints, Repeat and the rest of the kid-eccentrics. But then Benny literally knocks the stuffing out of the team's only baseball, a sign of impending doom, or worse, bad luck. So Scotty wants to set things right and returns home and "borrows" his stepfather's ball. But of course he promptly hits his first home run, knocking the ball clear out of the sandlot into mean old Mr. Mertle's junkyard, home to Mertle's legendary guard dog The Beast. If you haven't seen Sandlot in your lifetime, you are totally missing out.

After a low-key weekend with lots of naps, snuggles, movies and Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough, Cohen was finally feeling better by Sunday afternoon. Just one more reason to despise the winter - FLU SEASON. I'm dying for some warm weather so I can open up my windows and air this house out!

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