Creating a Coupon Binder

Saturday, January 28, 2012

We've had several people ask us tips on how they can start their own coupon binders.  So, here's a post dedicated to sharing our tips and helping you get started with your own binder!

Where do you start?  Well, first you need materials. Here's what we suggest you invest in:
  • 3 inch binder
  • Tab divider sheets
  • Clear cover sheets used for playing cards (you can find them in the baseball card section at your local stores)
  • Your coupon inserts

      After you purchase your binder and materials, decide how you want to organize your coupons.  The easiest way is to organize based on general categories, like dairy, frozen foods, baby, dog, etc.  Then label your tabs with your categories.

      Here's a list of categories you can use to get started:
      • Beauty -- This would be your shampoos, toothpastes, lotions - things you find in the bath aisles.t
      • Cans -- I also put my boxed things like pasta and hamburger helper in this category.
      • Baby
      • Frozen -- My biscuits and cinnamon rolls are usually filed in here because I know they are in the refrigerated section.
      • Meats
      • Snacks -- Include items like candy, snack crackers, chips, cookies and such in here.
      • Drinks
      • Dairy
      • Cleaning
      • Paper Products
      • Cooking -- like sugar, cookie mixes
      • First Aid -- like your medicines, batteries 

          Once you have your tabs labeled, start organizing your coupons in the clear plastic holders.  If I have more than one of the coupon, I'll double them up in the same pocket of the plastic sheet.  I'll always make sure the amount is visible or easy to see as well as the expiration date so I don't miss out on good coupons before they expire.

          **Shopping Trip Tip --When I go to plan out my list for the week, I will write down the item and put a "c" next to it on my list so I know it has a coupon.  Since my binder is organized, I know where I can grab that coupon and then I stick in the front of my binder for checkout.  I keep the front pocket of my binder clean and clear so as I shop, I put all of my coupons that I'll need at checkout in there.  When I grab the item, I grab the coupon and put it in it's rightful place in that pocket to avoid missing or mixed up coupon catastrophes.

          How do you start your coupon collection?  Definitely subscribe to your local newspaper so you can have your coupons every Sunday.  (Plus, it's like Christmas every Sunday to see that little plastic bag out by your mailbox!)  I scored a great day with the Indy Star where I pay less than $5 a month for a year.  Be on the lookout for pricing specials like that and you may want to get more than one subscription.  If not, I'll always run to CVS or the gas station Sunday morning and get another copy or two if I know the coupons are good for the week.  Also, don't forget about your online coupons at places like, and

          **Another tip -- stay up on your cutting!!  Nothing is more annoying than spending hours on your Sunday afternoon cutting coupons from the past weeks -- trust me.

          Using an organized binder is so much easier and faster than envelopes or stacks.  It will take you some time to get it organized, but it is well worth it in the end.  Plus, once you have it completed, all you have to do is add new coupons and get rid of expired ones!  Now I give you permission to go shopping...for your binder that is!

          Happy Shopping (and organizing) :)


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