CVS Deals 1/8

Monday, January 9, 2012

So this week's trip was "timed out" due to my forgetfulness -- I forgot my binder which contained 3 vital coupons for this week's trip!  But, have no fear, I was able to complete my trip successfully this afternoon after my first day back to work from a two week long vacation (wah, wah).  I had $8 Extra Care Bucks to use from last week's shopping spree, so I made out quite well.  But, I'll give you a few tips that you can try to use on your own this week. 

Here are a few transactions you can try out:

Transaction #1
--CVS Vitamin D -- sale price $3.49 -- earn $3.49 ECB

--Mars Single Candy (Snickers, M&Ms...) --$0.79 -- earn $0.79

Total for Transaction #1 -- $4.24 (before tax) with $4.24 ECB -- so, basically FREE!

Transaction #2 
--2 Reach Toothbrushes (you actually can snag the double packs, like I did, or some have an extra toothbrush added to the pack so you can get the 3 pack as well to triple your savings!) -- $3.99 x 2 = $7.98 - $2 off two Reach toothbrushes ( -- $5.98 -- earn $4 ECB

Total for Transaction #2 -- $5.98 BUT use your $4.24 ECB from Transaction #1-- final price $1.74 (before tax) plus $4 ECB.

Transaction #3
--Kodak Archive DVD -- $4.99 -- earn $4.99 ECB

Total for Transaction #3 -- $4.99 BUT use your $4 ECB from Transaction #2 -- final price $0.99 plus $4.99 ECB.

Total for all three transactions = $6.97 with $4.99 ECB remaining, so you pay around $2.00 for all of this product!

**You could switch out the Kodak Archive DVD for a GE Energy Light Bulb and a gallon of Dean's Milk.  It would add $1 to your total and you'll only get $3 ECB back, however, it depends what you think you may use more!

Don't forget to look at the Dollar Deals post, where I've listed several  products that are only $1 or free this week at CVS and carry ECB with them, so you could add them on to your list!

Happy Shopping! :)


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