CVS Greenbag Tag

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I was checking out today at CVS and this Greenbag Tag caught my eye.  It's only $0.99 and you earn $1 ECB back after using it four times!  

Here's how it works and here are the perks:
  • Purchase your Greenbag Tag for $0.99.  You'll get $0.49 off your first purchase too!
  • Put it around the handle of any reusable bag and make sure you bring that bag to CVS for every trip!
  • Have the register scan your tag and your ECC with every purchase.  You can only get it scanned once a day.
  • On your 4th visit, you'll earn $1 ECB!
This card totally pays for itself, especially if you shop at CVS a lot (like me, oops).  I'm going to just keep my bag in my car so even if I make an unexpected stop, I'll have my greentag to get scanned!

Happy Shopping! :)

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