Diaper Deal at Target

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I know I've converted some of you before, but I'm here to do it again.  All of you moms with babies who are in size 3 and larger diapers, I HIGHLY recommend you try out Up & Up Diapers.

You're skeptical, right?  Okay, I was too.  We lived, pooped and peed Pampers.  BUT seriously, if my HUSBAND agrees with me AND comments on their great value, then I promise you - you won't be disappointed.

If you haven't tried them out, but are willing to take my advice, go to Target's website to print of youf $1 off any Up & Up product.  

Here's how the scenario works:
--Jumbo pack of Up & Up diapers - $6.29.  Use your $1 off coupon and you'll pay just $5.29 for a pack of diapers!

I suggest you then print it out again and save it, because you'll go back for the box, which will be just $12.99 after you use your $1 coupon. :)  Seriously moms, if you have a baby who is in size 3 or larger diapers, Up & Up brand will do the trick!

Happy Savings! :)

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  1. love this deal and trying it out :) I use the up&up wipes and they are a-mazing! So the coupon works great!! Thanks!