FREE Humphrey's Teething Tablets

Sunday, January 29, 2012

On my way to the toothpaste aisle tonight at Walgreens, I spotted this precious little baby:

 And after reading the heading of this ad board, it all came back to me -- times 16!!  My son is a shark - 16 months old and 16 teeth - seriously.  And since they were popping up like corn in a cornfield, we tried everything we could to help soothe the poor little guy.  We used Humphrey's teething tablets for the first eight teeth (the last 8 have been molars and canines, therefore baby Advil is a must).  I actually liked them a lot better than Orajel because there is no numbing with these tablets.  

What makes this ad even better is you can get your own Humphrey Teething Tablets FREE!  
 There's a rip-off rebate form on the ad board so once you buy your tablets, follow the directions on the rebate and submit it for your free teething tablets.  Trust me moms, teef hurt.  Anything will help - especially if you can try it for free!  

Stop by your baby aisle at Walgreens to grab your rebate!

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