Holy Target Clearance!

Friday, January 6, 2012

I am sucker for Target Clearance. I will walk around the store for days if they would let me. Just got back and was amazed by all the awesome finds!

- All Christmas stuff is 90% off. At my Target (Westfield), all the wrapping paper was gone, but there was a good supply of gift bags, knick knacky things, ornaments, and cards. I found a stack of Cinnamon M&Ms. I have never had them before, but I thought I would give them a try. Let me just tell you that they are DELISH! And, for $1.23 for a big bag, I am going back for more. 

- They have full aisle on clearance toys! Might as well start your Christmas shopping for next year! I did. Bought the little one a Radio Flyer tricycle for 50% off. 

- If you go back by the sporting goods, they have really adorable Purdue and IU baby and toddler pjs, onsies, and jerseys. 

- A majority of their camping stuff is on clearance . . . tents, sleeping bags, bag chairs, those backpack things that your put booze water in. My hubby stocked up on supplies for next camping season.

Oh, and be sure to check end aisles (the end that doesn't face the main aisles) for more clearance finds. They always hide the good stuff there. 

Happy searching!

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