Kroger's Manager's Specials

Monday, January 16, 2012

This post is for all the Indy folks! 
Ever notice those bright orange stickers on some items at Kroger? I LOVE them. My Kroger (161st and Springmill) has a dedicated half aisle to these wonderful bargains. Manager Specials are overstocked items, items that will expire soon, damaged items, and stuff that needs to go out due to new inventory. These are a great way to get a good deal when you stack them with coupons! They don't last long, so you have to scoop them up while you can. Here are a few items that I picked up tonight on a grocery trip that was supposed to be quick!

 Making the Pantene only $1 a piece!

Stacked with $1.50 off OptiFree coupon, making these only $4.09! 

 I never made it to Walgreens a couple weeks ago for this item. I am glad I held out because this puppy was a moneymaker! 

 This is a closeout item, not Managers Special, but I scored a good deal!

Oh, and anyone who lives in this area, they are remodeling this store. All the closeouts in the health and beauty aisle have been removed from the shelves, tagged with these wonderful orange stickers, and moved to the back. My guess is that they will be cycling out these items slowly as their current Manager's Special aisle goes bare. Check back often!!

Happy Stacking!!

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