Walgreens Deals 1/8

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hope you plan on getting your FREE Tylenol Precise product this week at Walgreens!  I went tonight, after a very hectic Sunday and after forgetting my binder for my CVS trip (that will be tomorrow's post friends!), and picked up a few great deals!  

Here are a couple of scenarios you can snag this week:

Transaction #1 
-Tylenol Precise Patch or Cream -- $5.99 - $3 coupon (walmart.com) -- Final Price = $2.99 plus $3 Register Reward
-Syntha Meal Replacement bar -- $1.89 -- earn $1.89 RR
Total for Transaction #1 -- $4.88 (plus tax) and $5 in RR

Transaction #2 
 -eos Shaving Cream -- 2/$6 -- earn $4.00 RR when you buy 2.

Total for Transaction #2 -- $6.00 BUT use $3.00 and $2 RR -- making your total $1 (before tax) plus $4.00 RR

Transaction #3  
-Two 360 Colgate Toothbrushes -- 2/$6 - two $0.75 any manual Colgate toothbrush (SmartSource 1/1) -- earn $4.00 RR when you buy 2.
Christmas Candy filler -- all of their candy is 75% so I'm sure you can find a yummy filler for less than $0.25

Total for Transaction #3 -- $4.75 (assuming your filler cost $0.25) BUT use $4.00 RR making your total around $0.75 (before tax) but it could be less on what filler you get! Plus you'll have $4.00 RR to use next week or for another shopping trip this week! :)

That means for all of three transactions you paid $6.63 (before tax) and have $4 RR left over -- so about $3.00 for everything!  

A quick reminder for Walgreens shopping --
--You must have as many coupons as you have items -- this includes in store coupons and Register Rewards!
 For example, if you have 3 coupons - two manufacturer and one RR, you must have 3 items.  That's why we used a cheap filler for Transaction #3.

Enjoy your trip!  Happy shopping! :)


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