Baby Clearance at CVS

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I found a couple great deals on diapers and things for the baby today at CVS.  

My first find was a box of Pampers Cruisers on sale for 25% -- just $16.86 for the box!  Top this deal off with a $1.50 off any Pampers (Feb P&G) and you can get the box for $15.36! 

Not too bad for Pampers!

Next I found a pack of girl's GoodNites 75% off!  They were clearanced out at $4.87!  Top this off with the $2 off coupon and you can snag them for just $2.87 -- great deal if you use these!

** I decided to play Coupon Fairy today and leave this coupon on the diapers.  My son won't use these so I hope someone else can score these for a great price -- any maybe they will become addicted to savings like us!**

You're welcome from High Heels and Hot Deals :)

Let us know of any baby clearances at your CVS too!  We'd love to post them!

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  1. Oh how I wish we had a CVS in my town!! We have walgreens, but alas no CVS. I always see such great deals for them! Boo (