Free Beech-Nut Toddler Kit

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Now that my son is officially a toddler (I say this with tears welling up in my eyes) I try to gear his snacks, juice and other nutritional choices based on the foods that are best for his growing little body.  We've always been a Beech-Nut fan so when I found this free Toddler Kit sign up I definitely had to share it with our blogger friends! 

Beech-Nut has always offered quality products for affordable prices.  If you follow the link, you can sign up for free coupons and a package with samples of snacks and juices that are specifically made for growing toddlers.  Definitely take advantage of this free sample -- it never hurts to try!  

Isn't that what we tell our kids? :)

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