Mommy Mondays - Toddler Tantrums

Monday, February 20, 2012

Michele and I both have tots who are reaching that favorable stage.  
You know, the screaming when they don't get their way, throwing the head and body back when you try to pick them up and the so-not-going-shopping-with-you-anymore-mom stage.

But in all honesty, my son is really so much fun when he isn't throwing these fits. 
The face is just so kissable right?

Well, then we have those moments where in reality I know he is thinking,
"It's my way or the highway suckers!"

Like when he refused to quit standing on the table:
Please note the torn down tent and upside down chair in the background.

Or when he was adamant about pushing his toy bucket over to the fireplace mantle so he could climb into it:

My calm mommy mantra is starting to take a huge beating here.

So what have we tried to help disable these tantrums and tribulations?
1.  A stern "no."  
 However, I feel like it is always coming from my mouth and he really couldn't care less that I'm telling him to stop.

2.  So we added a quick "spank" to the bottom.  
(Please note that I only endorse spanking if you're mind and body are in control of the situation!)
The outcome? 
 He turned around to look at me...and then spanked himself right back.

3.  Remembering that his doctor told me to try timeouts if I was there with him and only for a brief moment, I tried one out. 
But the kid outright laughed and thought it was a mommy game.

Finally, I have reverted back to the "no" however I've started using a calm voice, like it's no big deal, and totally redirecting his attention to something else.  
Honestly, this seems to be working the best.  But there have been a few times where a little "butt swat" have been needed for extra enforcement

My question is to you moms, what are your best methods of dealing with these toddler tantrums? 
My son is a very busy boy - always on the move!  And I know these behaviors come with the territory, so share with us your best tips on how to solve "The Tale of the Toddler Tantrums."

Because this face can be just too cute to handle at times!

Happy Mommy at Baby Bedtime!:)


  1. I love the 'he spanked himself right back!". My sister had the same problem with her oldest. Now, Brett was a very easy toddler - but Tara could always tell when she was spanking to much because the kid will go around telling himself "no" and spanking himself.

    What to do? Good question!


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