Pharmacy Catalinas

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ever get one of these?

I seriously get them all the time and I USED to throw them away.  However, I figured out anytime I have a new prescription or transfer mine from CVS to Meijer, they print off a catalina worth the amount on the coupon for me to use off my next purchase!

For example, last month I filled my son's inhaler at Meijer and used one of these pharmacy catalinas that said I could earn $10 off my grocery purchase.  So, after I filled the prescription and picked it up, I handed them the coupon and the pharmacy tech printed off a $10 off my entire grocery purchase catalina!

When my husband handed me this one for $30 I was so excited that it totally made up for the fact that he got all glazed donuts this morning rather than my normal sprinkled.

Moral of the coupon story is: Don't throw these puppies away.  
Save them because the expiration date is usually a ways away and when you do have a prescription that needs to be filled, take it to the store pharmacy to redeem your savings!

Happy Shopping! :)

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