Wait! Stop! Don't Throw Them Away!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's the first of the month - therefore a majority of my unused coupons have officially expired.  For us, we are unable to use these coupons anymore but what if I told you that there are still other people who can use these expired coupons??

Military bases overseas will accept coupons that are up to 6 months expired from military families that live and shop on the bases.  Being a military wife, my heart goes out to these families that go months without their loved ones as they go off and fight for our country.  Therefore anything I can do to help these families makes my time well spent.

Below are a few websites you can check out that will give you instructions on how and where to send your coupons.  It's usually just requires you to sort the coupons into food and nonfood and bag and send them off to the listed address.  The organizers of the program will do the rest!

For more information, check out these sites:
Let's support our troops and share our savings with them!
Happy Shopping and Saluting :)

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