YoBaby Yogurt Coupons

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Since my son's been 6 months, I've always bought YoBaby yogurt products.  Now that he's eating solid foods and refuses to eat veggies, I can sneak them in by giving him the YoBaby 3-1 yogurts with the fruit and veggie puree in it!  These products are a must moms if you are dealing with the "veggie situation."

If you go sign up on Stonyfield's website (they are the makers of YoBaby) you can print off great coupons for these yogurts.  I always print off the $0.50 off any YoToddler or YoBaby yogurt and use it at Meijer.  It then doubles to $1 off and I can get it for around $2 for a 4 pack - which is 8 meals for him.

It's healthy, organic and it's a sneaky way to get those veggies in - definitely worth a try!

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