50% off Sale at Children's Place

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Now that it's starting to feel more like spring, I go to my closet and have to sigh...because seriously, I have nothing to wear.  BUT the only person I can blame is myself.  

Why you ask?  

Because every time we hit the mall (that is right by my house may I add) I end up looking for my son instead of myself.  And it is sales like that I can blame on this problem.  
Children's Place is having a HUGE 50% off sale.  
PLUS I got an extra 15% off my purchase card in the mail.

Once again I have to sigh...because his closet is going to be so much cuter than mine this season.

Happy Shopping! :)


  1. Awesome (sarcasm)...I just ordered a TON of stuff over the weekend..I wonder if they do price adjustments???

  2. Haha that's always the pits! It never hurts to ask them! I'm always super friendly and let them know how loyal of a customer I am to their store. :) Let us know if they do!