Mommy Mondays - Breakfast on a Budget

Monday, March 26, 2012

My son loves breakfast time - it's probably his best eaten meal of the day! 
 (PS he did eat PEAS tonight -- proud mama moment!)

So I try to change things up with him so he doesn't get bored - pancakes, french toast, yogurt and cereal and most recently he has started to love muffins!  But those mini muffins packs that are so easy to throw in the lunchbox for the day at the sitter can get super pricey...especially when there are no coupons or sales involved.

So I got to browsing...and look what little jewel I forgot about:

That's right - Jiffy mix!

This week it was on sale for $0.72 a box at Meijer.  The ingredients called for eggs, milk and muffin tins. 
Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

So I made up a bunch tonight:

And now we have breakfast for the week -- for around $0.70!  Each box makes about 6-7 muffins, so depending on your family size this could be three or four breakfast meals.  Add a little fruit and milk to the mix and you've got a quick and easy morning starter for the kiddos!

 The great thing about these mixes is they don't take a lot of time and the muffins will last all week.  So now I've spent about 5 minutes preparing and 14 minutes baking and I have his breakfast ready for the entire week.

I also picked up the apple cinnamon and banana flavored mixes to see how those pan out with the monkey.  Sometimes I think that my pregnancy brain has carried over to mommy brain - why didn't I think of this before?  

My favorite saying - "Work smarter.  Not harder."
Word to your muffins.

Happy (cheap) Breakfast!


  1. Omg this is a great blog! I actually thought of making a blog all because my son who is 7 is VERY VERY picky. And I was exhausted by trying to dream up lunches for him everyday. See, I live in Denmark (europe) (american) but yeah he is picky and they take their own lunches. They have rules zero tolerance for sugar in the lunches. Have you ever tried to wean a child off of sugar! Next to impossible. They also have rules that the child has to at least have rugbread (here is a link to what rugbrød is). As an american, living in Denmark has its challenges. I made the mistake of sending my child a peanut butter sandwhich in his lunch to school and my husband begged me not to send cake in his lunch again! I send a peice of sliced white bread once and the teacher called me at home to lecture me on how my son should eat healthy bla bla bla. Im a nursing assistant and am very aware of this, but did not think my son would go for it!

  2. So, long story short, i started taking pictures of lunches i made for him everyday before he goes to school. And now i am starting a blog to post the pictures =)