Mommy Mondays - Sneaky Vegetables

Monday, March 5, 2012

My 17 month old has decided to veto all vegetables that I put on his plate. I mean literally he tight lips that mouth, shakes his head and says, "No!"  This drives me nuts too because he used to LOVE sweet potatoes or corn or green beans when he was a baby.  He loved peas and carrots too!  Now they get one look and turn into a snack for Brady.

Poor veggies.

So my friend mentioned to me this concept of this cookbook where the chef purees food and will cook it into the meals -- and the kids don't even notice!   
Brilliant, right? 
I thought I'd try it out on my own before I purchased the cookbook to see if it was worth it.  

Usually my son turns into Sherlock Holmes the second I try to sneak those veggies into his food.  So my plan was to buy baby food that was already pureed for me to mix it up and see if he could taste a difference.
I decided to go with sweet potatoes and zucchini and mix them into the mac 'n cheese because:
a.  they are the same color family
b. both veggies are sweet so hopefully if he did taste them, he wouldn't mind

I mixed about half a jar of the veggies into the mac 'n cheese...

And what do you know?

He ate it!
(Please note the intense concentration that is being made to the Yo Gabba fun going on the T.V.)

My next step is going to be to invest in a good blender or food processor so I can start pureeing my own veggies to sneak into more of his meals.  Like tonight, I'm using the rest of the jar and mixing it into his spaghetti.  I've also heard that mixing spinach into pudding is absolutely tasteless. 
Be on the lookout for more sneaky vegetable recipes -- as long as Sherlock Holmes doesn't detect my sneakiness.

Happy Veggies! :)

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