Name Bubbles Labels Review

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am seriously the most forgetful person...ever.  
I'll put my keys down and turn around and they are lost.  Or my shoes.  Or the dog leash.  Or my son's blanket.  Sadly, I think my child has inherited this awful habit from me.  The kid loses EVERYTHING.  Actually, okay he's only 17 months so technically I lose everything too.  But now that he is at the sitter full time again, sippy cups are missing or blankets end up gone or even his wipes and diaper rash cream.
I thought I was losing my mind...


I was ever so lucky to find the cutest and trendiest little labels for kids!  Name Bubbles makes the sweetest personalized labels with your child's name on them - and they are even laminated and waterproof to withstand the hot temperatures of the dishwasher as well as the rumble and tumble of the washing machine.  All you do is peel and stick them on to the items that you want labeled - no sewing or ironing.

  I got to choose my own design, colors and icon to go along with my son's name.  Since his nickname is Monkey, of course I got the little monkey icon -- can we say adorbes??
My favorite thing about Name Bubbles' labels are the different types of label packs you can choose from to match the needs of your child.

For example, there's the Camp Pack for your older kids who attend summer camps or after school programs.  This pack offers over 100 labels in different sizes for all of the things your kid will tote back and forth - like a backpack, shirt, shoes and lunchbox.  You can even add your emergency contact information, like your phone number, onto these labels.    

I was super excited about the Daycare Pack, which included a ton of labels in all different sizes -- including long, skinny ones that fit perfectly onto those sippy cups.  No more losing those guys anymore!

But let's not forget your college students!  Name Bubbles also offers a College Pack for those items like the laptop, iPad and even your chargers for those rechargeable things!  It's a good excuse to make sure your roommate isn't "borrowing" your things.

Seriously, check out Name Bubbles to order your stylin' labels for your kiddos and their things.  They are super durable, cute and SO worth it when you don't lose those sippy cups everyday at the sitter's!

To learn more about Name Bubbles check them out at

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Happy Labeling! :)
This product review was made possible by Name Bubbles.  I was not compensated for this review other than a product sample. All opinions are 100% mine.

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