Couponing for Community 2012

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Are your stockpiles over flowing?  Not quite sure where you'll put that new box of Hamburger Helper?  
Let's put your couponing towards a GREAT cause!

Couponing for Community is a way to encourage all of the couponers out there to join together to clip, shop and donate to a local shelter, food bank or someone in need from your community during the week of May 6th-12th.  
Last year, over 26,000 items were donated all over the country in just one week!  
 So what's the goal for this year?
Let's aim big!
How about 30,000!

But we need YOUR help!

Here's how your can help:
--Stay in touch by linking up to Couponing for Community's Facebook page.  
Make sure you let them know High Heels and Hot Deals Sent you!

--Start grabbing a few things here and there when you hit the store and set them aside to donate during the week of May 6th.

--Tally up the total items you donate from May 6th-12th and be sure to post them on Couponing for Community's Facebook page.

Seriously, how easy is that?

Keep an eye out for more information on Couponing for the Community.
It's time to get your coupons ready and jump on board!

Happy Helping! :)
Kait and Michele

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