Coupons Worth Clipping - - A NEW Sunday Post!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good morning fans and followers! Welcome to this NEW Sunday post! I always hear the statement "I want to coupon, but I don't have time to clip them all and organize." Well, this post will feature the coupons for the week that I think are worth clipping and can save big bucks when you match them up with the right sale! Be on the lookout every Sunday for this new article to help you save money on products that you need or want!

Smart Source

Palmolive Dish Soap: $.25 off
Kroger, Marsh, and Meijer will double this one. Catch it when it's $.99 and you can snatch it up for only $.49!

Lady Speed Stick: BOGO

Colgate Toothpaste: $.50 off
This coupon is good for ANY Colgate toothpaste, which means it works on the basic variety. Kroger has it for $1.00 right now and since it doubles you can walk away with it for FREE.

Planters Peanut Butter: $1.00/2
Peanut butter is always expensive and we go through it like water at my house.

Revlon Face Product: $2.00 off
This coupon has a picture of foundation and concealer on it, but there is a good chance that you can also use it on eye shadow. Target occasionally has online coupons for Revlon, so it can be a good coupon stack!

Prego Spaghetti Sauce: $.40/2
Spaghetti sauce is one item that I always stock up on! Take it to a store that doubles and you can get a great deal!

Coffee Mate Creamer: $.50 off
I go through creamer like crazy. Meijer usually has the small bottle on sale for around $1.25. Double this coupon and you can get it for only $.25!

Tidy Cat Litter: $1.00 off
This is my litter of choice. Target will have this puppy on sale every once in a blue moon, so I always file it away in my binder for future use!

P&G brandSaver

Tampax 18ct or Higher: $.50 off
You can score an 18 ct. box of Tampax for usually around $4.00. Take it to a store that doubles and get $1.00 off.

Venus Disposable Razors: $2.00 off
CVS or Walgreens occasionally has these at a good price and you can also score some Extra Bucks or Catalina coupons with the purchase. 

Secret Deodorant: $1.00 off

Pantene Products: BOGO

Crest Toothpaste: $.25 off
This coupon is good for ANY Crest toothpaste, which means it works on the basic variety. Catch it on sale at Kroger, Marsh, or Meijer and you can get for a good price!

Frito Lay Insert

Pepsi Next: $.55 off
This stuff if pretty good. I tried it with my last coupon. Catch it on sale for $.99 and get it for only $.44!

Lay Potato Chips: $1.00/2

Unfortunately, I have already clipped and filed away my Red Plum coupons (us Indy folks get them in the mail on Thursdays), but I will definitely add it to next weeks list!

Happy Clipping!

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