Mommy Mondays - The Greatest Invention #1

Monday, April 2, 2012

This Christmas, my parents gave the hubster and I a new coffee machine.  
Ya know, one of THOSE coffee machines:

And I told myself, I wouldn't open it up until ALL of our filters were used for the old machine.  However, finally in March, I got to open up this bad boy and my coffee dreams have been fulfilled.
I love the speed it brews and pours my hot coffee from the little spout seconds after I press the cup size button.  I'm obsessed with the ability to quickly pull up the lever, insert my cup and push it back down and then wah-la!  My coffee is ready to brew!  As a sleep deprived mommy and full time teacher who is constantly running late in the mornings, this was the best possible gift E.V.E.R.

But there is one tiny problem that puts a huge dent in my money saving pocket:
Those K-Cups are flipping expensive.

No matter how many $5 off coupons I can collect for Bed Bath and Beyond to score a decent deal on these cups, my penny pitching personality cringes when I go to buy 12 cups of coffee for $8.  Yes, this is cheaper than Starbucks.  However, I knew there had to be a better solution.

My girlfriend Christina (whom I've known since college - ya know, one of those friends where you could write a whole blog saga on the times and tribulations the two of you have endured over the years, love ya girl) mentioned a reusable cup you could buy for your Keurig machine.  

Genius, right?  
 I did a little digging and on my last shopping trip at Meijer I decided to splurge on this:

 A little reusable cup for $14.99.  It goes right where you could put your cups in your machine.

And you use these filters ($4.99 for 50):

That you put into the cup and fill with your own coffee.

Like I said, genius right?

The coffee turns our great too.  You can make it as strong or weak as you want, depending how full you fill up your mini filter.  I like to make mine stronger and then I can get 2 cups out of one filter. 

If you have a Keurig, I highly suggest this amazing invention.  The coffee is still quick and bold and it will save you tons in the long run.

Honestly one of the greatest inventions in my eyes.  Thank you Coffee Genius Friend.

Happy Coffee,

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  1. This coffee machine has changed me life, but OMG what a great idea!