Mommy Mondays - The Ultimate Fix that Mess Upper

Monday, April 23, 2012

Yesterday as we were out the door, of course my son decides that this is the best time to create the ultimate smelly party in his pants.  Since the closest room to us at this time was our bedroom, I threw him down on the bed and start to change this trash can of a diaper (moms, I sure you can relate).  Unfortunately, as I'm applying the Extra Strength Desitin, he turns into a rolly polly and crawl away - leaving a white, thick Desitin trail behind him. 
Freaking out because our house MUST be in tip top shape for showings, I first try a baby wipe...and it doesn't make a dent in the mess. 
Then a cold water scrub - no luck.  Rubbing the comforter together -- still there. 
Finally, I grab the Dawn dish soap and a cold cloth -- TADA! 

You can't even see it, can you?

This stuff is THE BOMB at fixing and cleaning those pain in the behind messes. 

Like my gorge wedding ring, which is always crusted with food, diaper rash cream, lotion - you name, I'm sure it's in one of the ring crevices.  I got out an old toothbrush and lathered the ring up with Dawn and what do you know?  Sparkles like new!  

My husband had dirt stains all over his pants that even the Tide was having trouble getting out.  I literally squirted a couple drops onto the stains and scrubbed the sides of the pants together.  Then I washed them in cold water and take a real, hard look:

Nothing, right?  Boo yeah.
(Quit looking at my husband's butt.  Just kidding. Kinda.)

I'm not kidding ya folks when you I tell you that this stuff is super cheap AND the fix all to most of your mommy or daddy daily problems.  

This week at Kroger you can grab Dawn for $1.  Use the $0.50/Dawn Hand Renewal (April PG) which doubles to $1 and you've got yourself some FREE Mommy Headache reliever.

I'd love to hear some of the messes Dawn has saved in your life.  And no, this isn't a review on Dawn, rather a little bit of advice for you mommies out there to help save your pocket a buck or two in the mess stress department.

Happy Cheap Solutions! :)

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