Cleanaholics? HOT Cleaning Printables

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I always make sure to have a good stockpile of cleaning products.  With a toddler around, you can never go wrong with a few good cleaning products on hand, am I right?

P.S. The Scubbing Bubbles gels are amazeballs for your toilets -- they literally stay clean and fresh until the gel falls off!

Yes, I just used amazeballs and toilet in the same sentence.

Check out the hot printables for cleaning products below!

$2.00 off 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet gel
$1.50 off 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush Refill
$1.00 off Comet stainless steel cleaning item
$2.00 off Armstrong Concentrated Floor Cleaner
$0.75 off 1 Comet Bathroom Spray

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