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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Smart Source

Barilla Pasta-- $.55 off/1

Fruit Rollups/Gushers-- $.50/2
Meijer has an mPerk for these right now. I am waiting for them to be on sale for a great price so I can get them super cheap!

GM Cereal Bars-- $.50/1
These things are a hit in my house. Take it to a store that doubles and you can get a great deal!

KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce-- $.75/1
Sometimes you can catch this sauce for around $1.25-$1.50. Stack a sale with this coupon and you got some good quality, cheap BBQ.

Pantene-- $3.00/2
I love this coupon when I can find some Pantene on clearance. I always cut it and save it for the right deal.

Friskies Cat Treats-- $1.00/2
Can't forget about the feline in the house!

Lubriderm Lotion-- $2.00/1
This coupon is good for an 8 oz container and above. I am going to see if I can find a small one for my nightstand. 

Mitchum Deodorant-- $1.00/1
Take this coupon to CVS and you can score some deod for only $.99

Palmolive Dish Soap-- $.25/1

French's Mustard-- $.30/1
Last time I used this coupon, I picked up some spicy mustard. I am now addicted to it.

Dole Pineapple-- $.50/2

Ajax Dish Soap-- $.20/1
This stuff is usually pretty cheap as it is, hence the low value coupon. Take it to a store that doubles and at least you can get $.40 off!

Red Plum

Good'n Natural Bar-- BOGO
I love having nutrition bars on hand for when I am on the go in the morning. Apparently, CVS is the only place I can find these. I just found this out AFTER the last free coupons expired. Booo.

Pop Tarts-- $1.00/3
I am keeping this puppy around until school starts and they begin having Back to School sales!

Happy Clipping!

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