Hit or Miss?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'll be honest, I've never been a fan of garage sales.  
They are totally hit or miss opportunities.  
You either score HUGE or find Grandma's collection of ceramic angels.  

So when my husband dragged me out of bed on my FIRST day of summer break, I was a little bit irritated to start this whole garage sale extravaganza.

Good this I did friends.  Because it wasn't a miss at all...more like a HUGE HIT!

$80 for a NEW Crate and Barrel shelf.
As well as a huge fancy mirror for $40, an adorbes little lamp for $5 and a Jeep umbrella stroller for $10.

Okay, it was a steal of a day.  But that was my yearly garage sale run.

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On a friendlier note let's introduce to you our crafty friend Tiffany from Mrs.This and That!

Hey High Heels and Hot Deal friends. 
My name is Tiffany from Mrs This and That. I blog about everyday life, crafts, home decor, DIY projects, recipes, family, pretty much anything and everything hence the name "Mrs this and that" :)   I would love for you to come on over and stop by my blog. I enjoy getting to know other bloggers and for me I like to see new blogs as well, so stop by leave a comment so I can check out your blog!  (wow that was a lot of blogs) Anywho I am so excited to meet you and cant wait to exchange conversations, crafts ideas, DIY projects, recipes and friendships! Look forward to meeting you!!

Check her out on Pinterest and Twitter too!

Nothing better than meeting crafty and creative friends...because unfortunately I lack in that area.

Happy Steals and Deals! :)

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