Mommy Mondays - Homemade Bubbles From Your Stockpile

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hello, Summer!  
We have anxiously been awaiting you!

So what do you do with these nice, warm sunny days?
Go to the pool or play outside!

One our favorite summer activities are bubbles.  My son gets so excited when I pull out the bubbles - he literally screams, "BUBBLES!"  It's quite precious if I do say so myself.

But I've been finding myself running to the store to replace puppies constantly because let's be honest, either...
A. The spill.
B. You lose them.
C. Both.

So as I was packing away my stockpile for the move, I realized I have almost 20 bottles of dish soap.  Okay, hoarder you may be thinking right now, but I promise I either got them free or paid less than $0.25 for each.  Boo yeah.
What in the world could I use these bottle of dish soap for (besides the obvious)?
I began researching homemade bubbles and came across this super easy recipe from :

1.  Pour 1/2 cup of liquid dish soap into a large cup.
**I actually used our pancake mixing bowl and it was perfect!**

2. Pour 1 1/2 cups of water in with the dish soap.

3.  Add 2 teaspoons of sugar.

4. Mix gently and you've got bubbles my friends!

I can't express to you how easy this was, especially for a craft challenged mama.  It took me probably 3 minutes to mix up and it is a huge bowl!  So I plan on pouring it right into the empty bubbles bottle as soon as we're done playing with it for the day.  Plus it is SUPER CHEAP -- way cheaper than continuously replacing your bubbles.

  My one trick is, however, when you put your wand into the bubble mixture, make sure you put it in an area that doesn't have little bubbles already formed, because you won't be able to make any bubbles from it.

I love finding little DIY projects that are so easy, super cheap and complete lifesavers for the busy mama!

Happy Summer! :)

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