Mommy Mondays - Splish Splash!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

 The past few days have been hot...and I mean HOT!  And there is nothing fun about staying indoors during summer vacation!  Trust me - I've been pretty good about avoiding this packing/moving situation.
Luckily, our neighborhood had a pool, but sometimes my son is just over it in 10 minutes. 
I thought I'd compile a list of some fun water activities you can do with your family this summer -- tested by my family themselves! And of course they are activities that won't break the bank -- what's been than fun on a budget?

1.  Splash Pads or Parks
We are fortunate enough to have at least 4 of these wonderful splash parks within 15 minutes of our home.  Best yet, they are free AND fun!  My son is a little hesitant at first but by the end, when its' time to leave of course, he refuses to get in the car!  Check out your local parks department to see if you have any in your area.

2.  Inflatable Pools
I bought this puppy at Meijer for $10 - and it was a GREAT investment for this hot summer!  My little monkey is just a little too small still for the baby pool in our community so this pool is perfect for us.  The great thing about these pools is how they can be deflated and travel with you.  We're heading up to my parents' for two weeks and I can shove this pool back in the little box, making it easy for travel.  My son truly has a blast in his pool, as do I sitting in the sun.

3.  Sponge Games
Head over to your local hardware store, like Lowes or Home Depot and pick up those huge sponges that are used for cleaning cars or big areas.  They will usually run you about $2 each and are super fun for the kiddos.  You can keep water in a buckets or a baby pool and let the kids soak up the water with the sponges.  Have races, water fights or tosses with these sponges and the kids will go crazy!

4.  The Good Ol' Sprinkler
We are fortunate at our current house to have a sprinkling system in our yard.  But you can use the one that's sitting in your garage (or lawn since we haven't had rain in almost 2 weeks) and let it run.  I love watching my son have a blast with these things -- brings back the childhood memories.

5.  Local Water Parks or Pools
Yes, these are no brainers, however they can get expensive if you take the whole family.  However, call your local water park and see if they offer any evening hour special rates.  Many times rates will be cheaper  after 4 pm, which could make these attractions a fun evening getaway for the fam!

Yes, I know I'm a day a late with this post but the moving, packing, closing and traveling is starting to catch up!  Hang in there for with me for the next few weeks -- I promise to be on top of my game for our loyal readers. :)

Happy Splashin'!

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