What If Coupons Clipped Themselves?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Seriously.  Wouldn't that me awesome?  
I'm staring at my inserts for this week really hard in hopes they just start clipping away.
Wishful thinking. 
Actually, redic-ful thinking.
Maybe if I wouldn't have been SHORTED my inserts this week I'd already have a head start.  Instead I had to go waste my clipping time to buy my inserts.  
Okay, they probably wouldn't be clipped anyways but I still want to complain about this horrific situation from Sunday -- get on it IndyStar.  

But let's be honest, the real reason we're here today is to introduce you all to our lovely Texas friend, Carly!

Hi, y'all! My name is Carly...7th grade teacher turned SAHM to my little boy, Gunner. Texas Lovebirds started as a series of "Dear Peanut" letters to our unborn child, but quickly became a way to connect with other like minded people and mommas. At Texas Lovebirds, you'll find me blogging about a little bit of everything...my faith in Jesus Christ, my life as a young wife and mom, and everything in between. I hope you'll head on over, I'd love to meet you!

Check her out!
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And we are so glad to have met you Carly! 

Some days I wish I was from the south so I could use y'all in my everyday conversations. It's such a cute little phrase!  Unfortunately, I'm from Indiana and people would look at me with that eye, where I know they are thinking "Whatever girl, you are totally from Indiana."  And then I just remembered that my husband's step mom tries to use it all the time and how it drives me crazy because she's from Michigan, which makes me realize that I for sure can't use it.  
Maybe one day we'll move to Texas, or Louisiana or something.

Happy Day, y'all! :)


  1. lol yes that would be awesome!! Sometimes it can be time consuming, but in the end it's worth the payout.

  2. That would be amazing if they clipped themselves as that would free up so much of my Sunday.