Mommy Mondays - Wa Wa?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Alright, enough about this heatwave people!  
Honestly, I don't mind the hot weather and the sun -- give me a pool or boat and I'm good for a couple of hours.  However, I do get a little bored trying to find new activities inside after nap time when the heat is too redic to be outside.

Any mom knows the importance of staying hydrated during this weather.  Whether it's playtime at the park, swimming at the pool or splashing around in the sprinkler, we must make sure our kiddos are drinking plenty of water!  My son only likes his "wa wa" right before bed - not sure why, but that's the only time he'll drink water.  And when we do juice, it's 1/3 juice the rest water, so basically all water but he still favors water only at nighttime.  I wanted to find a way to encourage my monkey to drink water, especially since he loves to play hard during this heat wave!

When we were at IKEA, I found these adorable little ice cube trays shaped like fish for $0.99.  So I
 I had a thought -- what about making flavored ice cubes for his wa wa?  Super easy and I had all the materials in my pantry!

Prepping and making the ice cube literally takes less than 5 minutes!
I love Splenda, however I don't use it in things that my son eats.  So as I made the Kool-Aid, I used less sugar than suggested.  I then poured the Kool-Aid into the tray to make the ice cubes and stuck it in the freezer.

And what a hit!  
My son loves to shake his cup with the cubes and look at the little fishies while he drinks it.  Such a simple solution to help hydrate my little monkey during these hot summer days!
  Sometimes it's the little things we forget about that make our life as mommies easier...right?

You can grab these ice cube trays in the dollar bins at Target and Kool-Aid is usually on sale 10 for $1 during the summer -- stock up now and make drinking water fun for your kiddos for $1 or less!

Happy Hydration! :)

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