SodaStream Review

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I'm not quite sure who was more excited about this SodaStream - my husband or my stepdaughter.
Our family loves a good soda, so when I told them about the SodaStream and how you can make your own sodas and flavored water at home, they were pumped! 
It's real simple - fill the bottle with water and place it under the machine to fizz your water.

Then, add your choice of flavoring and ta-da!
That's it!  
Soft drinks and carbonated water in less than thirty seconds.
Not kidding.  It's really that easy.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Yeah, but what does it taste like?"
I was skeptical about the taste at first too.  I'm a die hard Diet Coke fan.  I mean, not Diet Pepsi not Meijer brand Diet Coke, I mean strictly Diet Coke.  But when I made my first glass using the SodaStream you couldn't even taste the difference!  I was sold right then and there.

One of the greatest things about SodaStream is the price.  The SodaMix flavors are super affordable - anywhere from $5-$10 for a bottle.   Plus, one bottle makes the equivalent of 33 cans of soda -- that's a case and half folks!  You also have over sixty flavor choices to choose from when buying your SodaMix.  My favorite, besides the Diet Cola flavor, is the Country Time Half and Half lemonade mix.  I love a good Arnold Palmer!  The Sparkling flavors are all natural ingredients while the diet flavors are aspartame free so there is no need to worry about the harsh additives you find in normal soda brands.  Even better is the fact that one SodaStream Cola or Lemon Lime drink is around 35 calories compared to the 100 calories that the major brands contain.  So you're saving money AND staying healthy by using the SodaStream.  

Maybe you're short on space (like we were at the old pad).  SodaStream fits comfortably on the counter, barely taking up any space.  It also doesn't require massive amounts of bottles or cans so you're saving space in the pantry, cupboards and garage by not having to stock these things away.  You're also decreasing the amount of waste from cans, bottles and all the packaging that comes with buying soda or water products from the store.  SodaStream is considered an Active Green product, which means consumers are actively reducing their C02 footprint by making a soda or water at home rather than buying it at the store.  Everybody needs a little help turning more "green" right?  SodaStream has your back!

My family loves our SodaStream - we use ours daily!  I'm actually enjoying a Raspberry Water as we speak.  We've also saved money in the few weeks we've had our SodaStream because it's easier to quickly make a soda rather than running to the store to grab one and our recycle bin isn't full of cans like it used to be.

If you're looking to save money on beverages for the family but are concerned about quality, convenience and nutrition, the SodaStream will be the perfect solution for you.

For more information, visit SodaStream's website.  
You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It:
SodaStream can be found at a variety of retailers including (but not limited to) Bed Bath and Beyond, Costco, Best Buy, Walmart and Target.  You can also purchase your SodaStream from their website.

This product review was made possible by SodaStream.  I was not compensated for this review other than a product sample. All opinions are 100% mine.

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