Mommy Mondays - Homemade Bath Paints

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lately my son has decided that he wants to avoid bath time.  He's such a stinker because once I get him in the tub, he refuses to get out.  I recently found this fun little recipe for bath paints from the blog Having Fun at Home.  It was super easy and all the ingredients are things you already have in cupboards or showers!

You need:
--Shaving cream - preferably cream and not gel because the white is easier to color
--Food coloring
--Small muffin tin or bowls
--Fingers or paint brushes

Next just squirt the shaving cream into the bowls or tins and add a few drops of food coloring.
  I took a knife to stir it up and make sure the color had disappeared into the shaving cream

Take to the bathtub and enjoy! I will warn you that if your tub has tiles with grout, be prepared to use cleaner to clean the grout from the food coloring.  Some people said it stained their grout at first, but after a good cleaning it came off.  Luckily we just have a built in shower/tub combo so I just had to aim the shower head at the painted wall and it magically disappeared.

We had a blast with these bath paints! Of course he had to taste them out, which he found out the hard way did not taste very good.  But overall it was an easy project to lure him to the bath that I'd for sure do again!

Happy Painting! :)

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