Walgreens Balance Rewards - How It Works

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Before I posted this week's Walgreens match-ups, I wanted to share a post on their new Balance Rewards.

Here's how it works:
1.  Head on over to Walgreen's site to join online.  You can also sign up in the stores, through their mobile app or by giving them a  call.

2.  Specific items in the store or online contain Balance Rewards points.  Like CVS, you'll need your Balance Rewards card or app at check out so you can start collecting these points.

3.  You also earn 500 points for every prescription or immunization you do at the Walgreens Pharmacy. 

4.  Sign up for the Walk with Walgreens program and get 10 points for every mile you walk.

5.  Redeem your points once you have hit one of the 5 milestones:
5,000 points - $5
10,00 points - $10
18,000 points - $20
30,000 points - $35
40,000 points - $50

Your points expires after 36 months from when you earned them.  If your account is inactive for more than 6 months, they also expire.  Basically it's just an extra incentive to shop at Walgreens.  Plus, you can still earn Register Rewards for specific weekly deals too.  I'll be sure to post items that have the best deals AND Balance Rewards each week.

For more information, visits Walgreens page to learn more about the Balance Rewards.

Sign up today and earning!  I love me some free stuff! :)

Happy Earning! :)

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