HOT Tide Deal at Kroger

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Looks like somebody's excited about the deal his mama found this week at Kroger!
(Please excuse the cheese in the mouth.)
 Here's how the deal works:
Buy 2 Tide or Downy products and get $2 off instantly.  PLUS they are on sale!

You can grab:
Tide - $4.99 -- Use $1 off from Oct. PG.  Final Price: $3.99

Downy - $3.99.  Use $1 off from Oct PG.  Final Price: $2.99

Tide Boost tabs - $3.99.  Use $1 off from Oct. PG.  Final Price: $2.99

I plan on going back tonight and stocking up a bit more.  
Just a little secret moms of babies -- Tide Free and Clear is just as great as Dreft, plus it's  cheaper!
I can't help it.  I'm a Tide snob.
Blame it on my mother.

Happy Clean Clothes! :)

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