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Saturday, October 20, 2012

 I truly love Halloween.  I think it is so fun to dress up and celebrate the silliness of this holiday.  Now that I have a child I really love it more.  Not just for the endless peanut butter cups (my stepdaughter said she doesn't like to trick or treat with me because all that's left in her bag are the wrappers...oops.) but because I love finding the perfect costume that fits his personality perfectly.  Last year my son was a monkey.  That costume was a perfect fit for him because his nickname is Monkey.  Plus it was cute and cozy with tons of room to layer under the costume for the chilly evening we spent trick-or-treating.
This year I once again started my hunt for that perfect costume for my wild and crazy two year old.  
What did I come up with this year?
A dragon of course!

And this year I did it the smart way -- I used Costume Express.  The options are endless on this site!  You can choose by gender, size, price and type of costume you are looking to buy.  Costume Express will generate a list of suggestions for you to help make your costume purchasing less painful.  There were so many adorable choices that made me wish Halloween happened three or four times a year!  But this dragon costume is adorbes!  It was super affordable and literally showed up to my door within three days of ordering it.  Another great feature that Costume Express offers is the ability for past costumers to leave comments on the costumes after purchasing them.  I'm so glad for this feature because many of the customers shared how happy they were with the dragon costume, but that it ran a little small.  Since my stinker is a little peanut, I was indecisive between two sizes.  However, after reading these comments from past customers, I decided to go with the bigger size and I'm so glad I did!  He is skinny but tall, and the bigger size is just the right height for him.  Plus I'll still be able to layer underneath the costume because we all know that Halloween will be a chilly one here in central Indiana.

 (Excuse the pan lids - we were having a dragon parade.  Anything for a photo op, right moms?)

Let's not forget about the adults here either!  Costume Express offers a great variety of costumes for every adult out there!  From silly to sultry - you will definitely find the costume you are looking for this year!  For the past four years I have been BEGGING my husband to dress up as Harry Potter and Hermoine for our adult party.  After showing him the Harry costume on Costume Express, I think I've finally convinced him.
Seriously, a hot Harry Potter. 
Love it.

Let's face it.  Costume shopping for Halloween can be frustrating and a pain in the behind.  Dry those tears and stop the hair pulling by using Costume Express for your shopping this holiday.  Whether it's the baby, the teenager or even Fido - Costume Express makes costume shopping easy, affordable and definitely painless.

For more information, check out Costume Express to find the perfect costume this Halloween!

Happy Costuming! :)

 This product review was made possible by Costums Express.  I was not compensated for this review other than a product sample. All opinions are 100% mine.

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