Rockin' Babies Book Review

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I'm a HUGE advocate for reading to your child.  My husband just built my son an amazing little book corner in his room and that's where we spend every night reading before bed.  Since I'm a such a believer in reading to your children, I'm always looking for fun books that will interest my son and help him enjoy reading even more.  Recently I came across this adorable book entitled Rockin' Babies by Dr. Jenn Berman and legendary songwriter Cynthia Weil, and illustrated by Galia Bernstein.  Considering I have a serious (and probably abnormal) obsession with celebrities, I was so excited to get this book for my son!  The book is focused on our own "Rockin' Babies" and how they are our own little celebrities in our lives.  Dr. Jenn Berman and her own mother, Cynthia Weil, helped Dr. Berman care for her refluxy twin babies with the night feedings.  During these late nights together, they realized through their conversations and stories how these babies quickly become "rock stars" in their own lives, therefore creating the idea behind the book of Rockin' Babies.

My favorite page in the book is: "Rockin' Babies are hounded by the paparrazi."
Okay moms, I KNOW you can relate.  We are all our own little paparazzi army when it comes to our child.  Every little thing is adorable so of course we have to get it on camera - and then probably post it on some social network site to share with the world.

 I also love how Rockin' Babies is a hardcover book, so my son can read it on his own and not tear out the pages.  He loves the bright colors and kid friendly illustrations too!  He is totally captivated by the fun story and laughs at the funny babies in the book.  The text of the book is short and uses a repeated line (Rockin' Babies...)  and has strong vocabulary to help enrich those little minds.

Whether you're a parent, grandparent or even an aunt or uncle - we can all relate to the cute story of this book.
Let Rockin' Babies become a nightly reading favorite with your own little Rock Star at home!

For more information and to grab your own copy of Rockin' Babies, visit their website.

Happy Rockin'! :)
 This product review was made possible by Rockin' Babies.  I was not compensated for this review other than a product sample. All opinions are 100% mine.

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