Mommy Mondays - Easy Pizza Roll

Monday, November 26, 2012

We're baaaaccck!
This week's Mommy Monday post is a Recipe Rescue for you mommies! 
I'm an Indiana Hoosier - loud and proud (holla for the #1 Basketball team!!) and if you're from IU, you must be familiar with the ever so fabulous Kilroy's breadsticks.
Luckily, Kilroy's has decided to branch on out to the Indy area now so I can fulfill my breadstick craving by heading to Broad Ripple or downtown.
I can't do that every time I have a craving - especially with a wild toddler who will sit for .4 seconds before he's ready to explore the restaurant.

Thank God for Pinterest.  I found this amazeballs recipe from What About a Pie for pepperoni rolls that taste JUST like these breadsticks!
What's even better is the fact that they are SUPER easy.

You'll need:
-Frozen bread dough - you can get it in the frozen bread section at the grocery
-Pepperoni or any other topping you want in your rolls
-Mozzarella cheese - I grabbed some yummy fresh mozzy at the deli
-Italian Blend cheese
-Olive Oil
-Italian Seasoning or Garlic Powder for taste

Here's how you make these Easy Pizza Rolls:
1.  Set out your bread dough to thaw and rise.  I take the dough out and put it in my fridge before I leave for work in the morning.  Then when I get home from work, I take it out of the fridge and let it rise for about an hour on a cooking sheet.

2.  Preheat the oven at 375.

3.  Roll your dough out as flat and square as possible.  Once you've flattened it, sprinkle and cover it with olive oil.  

4.  Place your toppings first on the bread.  I used pepperoni but you could use sausage, bacon or even ham - any toppings that you want in your roll.

5.  Then, cover your toppings with your mozzarella and Italian blend cheeses.

6.  Sprinkle with your seasonings.  I used italian seasoning and then a bit of garlic powder. 

7.  Roll it up baby!  Sprinkle and spread little more olive oil on top of the roll.  Place on your cookie sheet and put into the preheated oven.

8.  Depending on the thickness of your rolls, it could take at least 25 minutes.  I take my rolls out as soon as the top is hard and brown, like a fresh baked loaf of bread.

9.  Let it cool, slice and serve!  So yummy when dipped into ranch or even nacho cheese dip!

These rolls are perfect for football parties or even sleepovers for your kiddos.  My husband takes the extras to work and apparently his coworkers are fans.

How can you not love a Kilroy's breadstick knockoff?


Happy Eating! :)

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