Terrible TWOSday - A Boy and His Monkey

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Meet Gee.  
This is Coco's best friend.  

This blanket goes EVERYWHERE.

Don't believe me?

Here is Gee on a wagon ride after a bath.

Now we're taking a nice afternoon nap with Dad.

 A night can't be complete without a little Monkey Lovin' dancing!

Please note the change in Gee's appearance.  Why you ask?  Because once, on a wagon ride, Coco decided Gee needed to walk on his own and threw him out of the wagon.  Yet Kurtis nor myself noticed until bedtime when Gee was needed of course.  After numerous runs, walks and bike rides along the same path we came to the sad conclusion that Gee #1 was gone.

Tip for you mamas with blanket loving babies -- BUY MORE THAN 1 OF THE BLANKET!

I had to search high and low to find Gee #2 that he was going to love just as much as Gee #1.  Third one was the charm and now we are on Gee #2.  He still goes everywhere - including the sitter's house.  One day she swore he came with Gee but couldn't find him anywhere.  I thought she was going to have a panic attack.  So I called Kurtis to double check and luckily Gee was safely awaiting Coco's return home on the comfort of our living room floor.  I'm sure our sitter enjoyed a nice glass of wine that evening after the chaos that erupted because of the missing Gee.

But it seriously is the sweetest and most endearing love I've ever seen a child have for an item.  The other day I heard him rustling on the monitor.  I was watching him, half asleep and rolling from side to side, stopping to kiss his Gee.  I'm watching him right now and that Gee is laying right on his face.  When he's looking for him, as soon as he finds him he has to give his Gee a kiss.  
 Gee eats dinner with us, goes to Target and was even almost lost in the Mernard's parking lot. 

 I guess you could consider Gee as part of the family now.  
And I'm quite okay with that.

Happy TWOSday! :)

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