Terrible TWOsday - THAT Behavior

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I thought it might be nice to get a little more personal on our blog.  I love being able to share our savings brainage and information on great products that we know appeal to our mommy readers.  
But this post is different because I know it's one that any mom of a toddler can relate to -- it's all about my experience with the Terrible Twos

Meet my son, Coco.

Yes, we have entered this stage of living.  And no, I do not appreciate the fits, screams and misbehaving.  I do love this age because my son is starting to get more independent and shows interest in specific things like cars, coloring and animals.  However, he can turn into Mr. Evil the second he doesn't get his way!  

You relating yet?

Coco has a personality of his own.  He's his own individual and a pure charmer, especially when it comes to the old ladies.  Boy can that kid make a lady's heart melt. 

But the second you tell him no, he's started this awful habit where he'll just wail that hand at you and hit you. 
At first I was shocked. 
Seriously, where did this come from?  But now that I'm seeing it progress I'm starting to get to my wits end about how to hand it.  We'll do timeout, grabbing his hand and firmly telling him "no" and even occasionally gently slapping his hand on top and saying, "no hit."  But the situation is not letting up.  Coco will be heading to preschool soon and I am terrified he'll be "that child" that has the behavior plan or is always in trouble.  When he's at his sitter's now, she always talks about how loving he is and how sweet he is, especially with the babies.  And I can totally see that because he loves to run up to you and kiss your leg or arm or give you bear hugs.  He is so loving, so don't be painting a picture of an absolute brat in your brain.  It's just this one habit I want to stop.

So I'm curious moms, how do you handle that behavior

I love my son so much and if you're the mom of a toddler, I'm sure you can relate.  My stinker is a doll in my eyes.  When he looks at me and says "Peeeas" as he's signing it because he wants something, how can I say no?  Or when he wants to go play and tugs at my shirt saying, "Come mama."  Of course I have to play!  But my favorite is when I go to pick him up at the end of the day and he runs to me yelling, "MOMMY!" and hugs and kisses me until we leave the house.
That's my toddler.

Adorbes, right?

 Yes, that is the dryer is in.  And no, I did not put him in there.

But this hitting has got to stop.

Help me mamas! 

Happy Twos! :)

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  1. I don't have an answer, but my toddler definitely has his moments.