Terrible TWOSday - Tips from a Picky Eater's Mom

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Remember this heart breaker?

This is my son, Coco we'll call him. 
And we have recently started our adventure into the Terrific Terrible Twos.  Last week I shared our experience with tantrums and hitting with our main focus on that awful hitting behavior. 

This week, our adventure continues down the food pyramid.  If you're a follower of our blog, you are well aware of this stinker's eating habits.

Let me share the main staples in this toddler's daily diet:
1. Chicken Nuggets
2.  String Cheese
3.  Hot Dogs
4. Spaghetti 
5. Macaroni and Cheese
6. Milk

That's it folks.  
There are a few snacks he'll enjoy here and there, but he'll most likely eat one or all of these things on a daily basis.

Some days I'll get extremely lucky and he'll eat a veggie like corn if he's in the mood.
But I've started to become pretty sneaky with ways to help him eat different foods.  I mean seriously, you'd think he'd get sick of chicken nuggets every night?

So, as the mother of a picky toddler, let me share my tips on how to (attempt) to make your child eat:

1.  Offer your picky eater new foods.
I always make sure I have one or two of his "staples" on his plate and then I'll add a new food that we're eating for dinner.  Whether he tries it or now, I think it's good to at least expose your child to new tastes to hopefully increase their taste palate.

2. "Yes honey, that's an apple."
Okay, maybe it's really a pear, but this is when it's okay to lie.  Remember those good lies mom would say are not really lies?  Well, these are it.  If we're having sausage, then yes, it's a hot dog Coco.  Hey, it it gets him to eat...

3.  You're gonna love it in an instant.
Remember that Carnation Instant Breakfast stuff from when we were kids?  Put half a pack of this stuff in your toddler's milk to help boost the calories.  Unless they are like my son and don't like chocolate milk.
I know. WTF.

4.  Be sneaky.
Sometimes a little puree can go a long way.  Mix a little spinach into some chocolate pudding or puree some squash or sweet potatoes and stir them real well into the mac and cheese.   The puree taste will be over powered by the taste of the main food you're mixing it into.  Shhh.  They'll never have to know.

I'm hoping as he gets older his pickiness will decrease.  When we first introduced solids he was a hoss!  However, these twos sure are something else.
At least we've got our chicken nuggets.

Until next time my mamas...

Happy TWOSday! :)

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