Terrible TWOSday - The Toddler Sleeps Tonight

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Let me start off by saying my child did NOT inherit my sleeping habits. 
I love sleeping.  
I love naps and lounging around watching SoapNet all day. 
Coco, on the other hand, would rather play or throw a 2 am disco instead of getting those much needed zzz's. 
The world is an interesting place and Coco must see it all!

It took awhile, but Coco finally got in a smooth sleeping groove.  When he turned one and we switched his naps to just once a day, his sleep schedule just seemed to click.  The kid would sleep 11-12 hours a night and then take a 2-3 hour nap during the day.

Insert angel song here.

The kid was solid until about two weeks ago.  Now he's been waking up in the middle of the night and having a late night fiesta in his room for an hour or two.  I guess the good thing is that he's happy - most of the time.  Sometimes after these fiestas the sobbing erupts therefore enlisting my presence on his floor - which does not mix well with my 6 am alarm.

However, these parties completely drain him during the day and eventually result in the ultimate crash during the evenings.

Like this one:
 Poor lil monkey, I know.  But I'm hoping this is just a phase and during Winter Break I'll be able to solidify that sleeping schedule once again and get the kid back to where he used to be.

Me on the other hand...
My body is trying to tell me to get to bed earlier so I can get a good chunk of uninterrupted sleep until the 2 am fiesta.  But seriously moms, I think we can all agree - there just isn't enough time in the day yet there is only enough coffee one can endure.

I guess I'll sleep in 16 more years when he's 18.
Or not.

Until the next fiesta my friends...

Hopefully Counting Sheep,

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