Fitness Friday - A Little H2O

Friday, January 18, 2013

How are those New Year's goals going for your peeps?
Well, mine surely got a jump after surviving this awful stomach flu.
4 lbs in 24 hours -- definitely not worth the suffering I endured.

However, this week's tip is NOT to get the flu.  Actually I highly advise against that so wash those hands people or stay inside in your cozy abode. 

What I do suggest is to amp up that water intake peeps!

Studies show and even Jillian Michaels says that many times you're really dehydrated and not actually hungry.  Plus, ice cold water actually helps you BURN calories.

Here are a few ideas to help you get on the H2O train (toot toot!):
1.  Purchase a reusable cup with a straw.
I recently received this cute cup that you can stick in the freezer and it has that gel stuff inside the cup that freezes to keep your drinks cold.  Well, it has a straw in it and I find myself drinking 2x the amount of water with this cup than with a normal bottle or glass.  You really don't realize how much more you drink with a straw, but it helps!

2.  Add lemons or cucumber to your water
I've always been a fan of lemons, especially in the summer.  But recently my husband introduced me to this yummy recipe of adding cucumbers and limes to a pitcher and then filling it up with water to keep in the fridge.  Even though we have a water filter dispenser on our fridge, there is something about this water that makes me want to drink it ALL the time!  Adding a little kick to your water will make it more appealing.
3.  Take your water with you and in your view
At school I always keep my cup on my desk.  However, as the day gets busy I'll forget to drink my water IF I don't see it.  So lately I've been placing my cup on my teacher table so I can sip on it when I work with my kiddos. 

Drinking more water has a ton of benefits.  From curbing your snack cravings to even helping with your complexion and skin, there is definitely not a bad reason to add more water to your diet.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that it's basically FREE too?

Happy Fitness! :)

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