Fitness Friday - Quick Sweater of a Workout

Friday, January 11, 2013

I totally understand what it means to be short on time.  With a two year old (who has resorted back to bedtime refusal this week) and my other full time job as a teacher, I'm always trying to squeeze in my workouts somewhere before midnight.  That's not a joke sometimes.

I'm a runner and will take any chance I can get to go for a quick 2 miler with the dog and jogging stroller.  However, with our latest 10 inches of snow, that's kind of been hard.  
(Until today actually because it's 58 degrees.  I know.  Redic.)

I found this great workout on Self Magazine's website that is an ultimate sweater and you can modify it for the amount of time you want or have to spend on your workout.  
It's a running interval workout for your treadmill and serious calorie burner.

It goes like this:

1 minute - 5.0
1 minute - 5.5
1 minute - 6.0
1 minute - 6.5
1 minute - 7.0
1 minute - 7.5
1 minute - 8.0
1 minute - 4.5

Then repeat the interval 3-5 times.  Each interval is 8 minutes and I promise you'll be panting and sweating by the end.  I've only been able to make it to 4 intervals so my goal is to make it to 5 this week.
You could also modify this workout if you are a newbie by starting at 4.0 and increasing by a speed of .5 for 7 minutes total and then have 3.5 be your breath catcher.  

Try it out and let me know what you think!  It's great when your in a bind for time or just need a quick workout that will get your heart pumping.

I workout, :)

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