Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's a new year with new possibilities, opportunities and chances to change things that you've always wanted to do.  We're coming up on our 1 year bloggiversary and I want to revamp and change a few things this new year.  A new look, more personal posts and hopefully more products review and giveaways are in the future - so stay tuned!

However, this was our third New Year's Eve with Coco.  And I'm going to be completely honest - I have no issues being in bed before midnight on New Year's Eve whether I have  a child or not.
I don't consider myself a loser, just tired, okay?

This year we invited my cousin and her husband over along with their twin girlies who are 5 months older than Coco.  It's so fun to see them play together because I know they'll be best of friends as they get older.  Plus we stuffed ourselves with some super yummy fondue.  Heaven in a pot really.

Dress up time in their Yo Gabba costumes from Halloween.  Adorbes I know.

My cousin started a tradition last year with her husband writing down their resolutions. 
But in this way:
3 things you want to add to your life
3 things you wish to discard
3 new experiences

And of course the men had their own dirty and completely inappropriate versions.

However, this new year here are my resolutions:

I wish to add to my life...
1.  Healthier Meals -  I workout like a champ, however I feel like it's a waste of time when I think of the choices I make sometimes when I eat.  So my goal is to obtain more self control and cook more often with chicken, fish, vegetables and lean meats.

2.  More playdates for Coco -  Now that he's two, he's busier than ever.  So I need to make a conscience effort in planning playdates and fun days with his friends and MY friends so I can get out more often, even if I am super busy.

3.  Decorating/Crafts - I moved into a house that is more than 2x the size of our last house.  Therefore I need to jump on the Martha Stewart ball and start Pinteresting my way into this new house!  I want to also plan some fun crafts for Coco to do because he is showing more interest in coloring and hands on activities.

I wish to discard...
1.  Nagging the hubster - Okay, I'm going to be honest.  When he is watching TV, on his tablet or texting on his phone it takes 28349082304 times until he hears what I said to him.  After working 8 hours with twenty-three 7 year olds, that's the last thing I need.  So I'm going to work on my patience and try to make my tone less naggish - more asking...

2.  Fast Food -- My husband is awful about this and of course I go along with it, especially when I'm exhausted and don't feel like cooking.   Sometimes you can't avoid it so if we do choose fast food, I'm going to choose healthier options (if that's possible).

3.  Excessive/Random Spending -  I spoke briefly to this earlier today during my Target post.  But I want to sit down with the budget and stick to it.  Time to start saving for our Fiji trip and when we decide to welcome Baby #2!

My three new experiences this year...
1.  Story time at the library -- Hello!  I totally need to utilize this FREE and fun experience for Coco.  Hopefully he behaves...

2.  Family Vacation - I want to sit down, plan a trip, pack for the trip and travel on the trip.  Any suggestions?

3.  Run a half marathon -  Last time I signed up for the Indy Mini I got pregnant with Coco.  So I'm signing up this year in hopes I actually get to run it - and not waste the $70!

2012 was a great year.  It definitely had its fair share of Debbie Downer moments, but I can't complain about the things I have and am thankful for these! 
So cheers to 2013!  May you bring more happiness and great expectations!


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