Mommy Mondays - Easy Low Cal Ice Cream Sandwiches

Monday, January 7, 2013

Yesterday I went on a baking binge! 
And then Coco got the flu bug...go figure.

However, I found this recipe on Pinterest from the website Southern Plate a few months ago, pinned it and then forgot about it.  My friend then told me she repinned it and highly recommended I make them.  
So I did.
And now my tummy is thanking me!

These low calorie sandwiches are SO easy to make which makes them even tastier.  One batch makes about 40 sandwiches too, so you'll have tons to freeze.  
As a parent and teacher I couldn't help thinking "Classroom Party" as I assembled my yummy treats.

Here's what you need:
--Box of graham crackers, broken into squares 
(Kroger shoppers - if you buy Kroger brand they already come sleeved in squares. HOLLA!!)
--Container of Cool Whip -- low fat, fat free or sugar free
--large box of instant pudding - chocolate or vanilla, whatever your preference!

How to make these amazeballs:
1.  Mix and whip the pudding according the box in a medium sized bowl.

2.  Mix in the entire container of Cool Whip until it is smooth.

 Don't be hating on the hand mixer that is older than my grandma.  
This puppy is the

Licking of the beater is optional yet highly recommended.

3. Dollop a bit onto one square and then top with another square creating your sandwich.  

4.  You can roll the sides in sprinkles, nuts or even chocolate chips for the kiddos.  
(However, I tried it once and the mess was too much for me.  I suggest you let them freeze a set just a bit before you add your toppings if you wish!)

5.  Set in the freezer and let them freeze up.  Enjoy! Nom. Nom.

I put mine on a cookie sheet and stuck them in the deep freeze to set before I placed them into a plastic bag for storage.  You can also set them on a plates in your freezer for a bit.

Seriously that simple and seriously that delish.  For about 60 or so calories a sandwich they can't be beat!

Even though I'm sure Jillian Michaels wouldn't totally approve, she'd say that this choice is a much smarter one than the cookie sandwiches that accidentally appeared in my freezer last week 
(at 280 calories a pop - yikes!)

Happy Snacking! :)

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