Mommy Mondays - The Shredder

Monday, January 28, 2013

 Recently as my team and I discussed our recent Pinterest recipes, my friend shared how she read on Pinterest (of course) to use the paddle attachment for your Kitchen Aid mixer to quickly and easily shred meat.

I love the idea, however I have not been blessed with this amazing kitchen utensil yet.

So I thought I'd try something else...

Yes.  That is my vintage hand mixer.
Now don't judge because this mixer is older than your grandma.  This thing really works like the
And it literally shredded my chicken up for me in about a minute.


I cut my chicken up into smaller chunks and threw them into the bowl.  Then, I turned the mixer onto medium speed and shredded away.
Seriously, it saved me so much time and it was still delish!

So if you're old school like me and still haven't upgraded to the Kitchen Aid, don't fret my pets!
Your hand mixer will turn into THE SHREDDER and do the job just fine.

 Now go off and try it for yourself.  Let me know what you think! :)

Happy Shredding! :)

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