Potty Patrol Review and Giveaway

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A few weeks ago (before the 8 inches of snow fell), I went on a quick run just after I put Coco down for his nap.  My husband promised he had it under control.
However, when I returned 30 minutes later, Kurtis called me up to Coco's room.

And there it had happened....
Poop Apocalypse 2012

Oh you know what I mean.  Coco had taken off his diaper and the poopoo did not say in there.
I will spare you the details.

So we both decided it was time to start preparing him to be potty trained. 
We started awhile ago putting him on the toilet before bath and he has no problem using the potty then.  He'll also tell me when he has to go potty when he's in the tub.  All of these signs are pretty sure ones that he's ready to start the process.

Being a first time mom, I've never done the potty training thing before.  I've always heard horror stories of how hard boys are to train too.  I decided that we needed to ease into the process.  So when I came across Potty Patrol I thought it was the perfect solution.  It's an alarm sensor diaper that will play a song as soon as wetness is detected.

Here's how it works:
--Place the alarm sensor diaper on your toddler.  Snap the alarm on the front of the diaper in the snaps to activate the alarm.

--When wetness is detected, you'll hear a brief warning beep followed by "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

--As soon as you hear the song, put your toddler on the toilet.  This will them link the cause and effect of going potty more quickly.

--Once you have finished, take the alarm off the diaper to use on the next diaper.

At first Coco kept playing with the alarm and I'd see him walking around with it in his hand rather than on the diaper.  However, he quickly got used to it and he forgot it was there.  While he was wearing his Potty Patrol alarm diaper, I would continuously ask him if he had to use the potty.  When the alarm went off the first time, I made sure to get him right to the potty and remind him to tell me when he had to go.  But he caught on real quick and would find me as soon as he heard the song going off.  He'd run over to me with a huge smile on his face like, "Hey Mom! Potty time!"  Seriously adorable.
  I like how the alarm helps Coco make the connection to go to the potty rather than using the diaper underpants that don't offer this cause and effect relationship.

Potty training is frustrating.  Ask any parent out there that is currently in this same process with their child.  However, Potty Patrol alarm diapers can help save you time in the potty training process by using this alarm to offer quicker success with your children.  With Potty Patrol's six step process to success with the alarm diapers, your child will be on the path to potty training success in no time - which means less frustrations for you and your toddler!

For more information you can visit Potty Patrol's website.
You can also follow them on Facebook.

Buy It:
--You can purchase your Potty Patrol Starter Kit for $34.99 or Refill Kit for $19.99 by visiting Potty Patrol's website. 

Win It:
--One (1) lucky winner will win their own Potty Patrol Starter Kit.  This giveaway is run via Rafflecopter. The more entries completed, the better your chances of winning! Open to US residents only.

This product review was made possible by Potty Patrol.  I was not compensated for this review other than a product sample. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. My daughter is 28 months old and I'm having trouble getting her potty trained. I've tried pretty much everything including bribing and she just won't do it!