Target Match-Ups for the Week of 1/28

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So I headed over to Target tonight and was sorely disappointed with their baby deals.  Totally picked over.
However, there were a few travel system that were half off so if you're in the market for one, head over soon to see if you can grab one at your store!  Plus, I got the Munchkin diaper pail for $15 - holla!
Here are some of the best deals you can grab this week at Target:
--Digiorno pizza - 2/$9 and get a free 2 liter of pizza when you buy 2.  Use Buy 2 Get 1 free (RP 1/27 or printable).  Final Price: $3 each when you get 3 pizzas plus a free 2 liter

--Quaker Real Medleys - $1.69 - Buy 3 and get 1 free.  Use $1/2 Target coupon ( and $1/2 (Quaker's website).  Final Price: $0.77 each when you buy 4

--Market Pantry fruit snacks - $1.69.  Use $1/2 Target coupon (  Final Price:  $1.19 each when you buy 2.

--Febreeze fabric refresher - $2.89.  Use $1 off (RP 1/27).  Final Price: $1.87 
--Scrubbing Bubbles Kitchen cleaner - $1.99.  Use $1 off (SS 1/13).  Final Price: $0.99 -- I can't wait to try this stuff!
--Bic grip pens - $0.99.  Use $1/2 (printable).  Final Price:  $0.49 each when you buy 2.

--Poise cooling toweletts - $2.99. Use $3 off (SS 1/13).  Final Price: FREE

--Q-Tips - $1.99.  Use $0.30 off (RP 1/27) and $0.75 Target coupon (  Final Price:  $0.94

A bunch of the Up & Up handsoaps were on clearance was well as the Method handsoaps.  I want to go back without a toddler to see if those Method ones will still be there!  Any other finds I'll be sure to post!

Happy Shopping! :)

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  1. I love Target! I'm going to have to see if mine has the Method soaps on clearance too. :)