Terrible TWOSday - Mr. Independent

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We've hit a rough patch here lately in our journey with the Terrible Twos.  After coming down with the stomach flu, we totally were thrown off our schedule.  Now Coco refuses to sleep at night and I am getting flashbacks at the exhaustion I experienced when he was a newborn.  However in that instance I could take a nap when he napped.  These days I have to work 9 hours and come home and play mom for another 5.
Call me a zombie...for reals.

But this week's post isn't about his sleep refusal.  
We can save that for later.

Lately Coco is all about doing things on his own.  Whether it's to take his diaper off, putting his coat on or even putting on our clothes, he'll stop me and say "No mama. I do it."  He literally tries until he gets it done or until he gets so frustrated and I secretly help him to make him think he actually does it on his own.

I can't stand the cuteness.  Last week I went to go get him up in the morning and he had this same blue shirt on totally backwards over his pjs.

He's such a big boy now.  If I try to put him in his seat at the table he gets ticked and makes me put him back on the floor so he can do it on his own.  It's the little things I used to do for him that he makes sure to try to do on his own.  It's time to come to grips that he's growing up and I probably should quit coddling him and let him be a little bit more independent.  

But what mom wants to let go?

Even though it's breaking mommy's little heart each and everyday that he grows up into a little man, I am loving him more and more which I didn't even know was possible.

Now let's just work on this sleep issue...

Happy TWOSday! :)

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