Terrible TWOSday - My Son the Fashionista

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The older Coco gets the more I can see his little personality come out. 
 Boy is he wild my friends but really so much fun.

Our new thing lately is picking out our own clothes.
Now, let me add that he has a closet full of ridiculously cute clothes.  It's so ridiculous that I'm constantly buying more hangers for the kid.  It absolutely kills me that he's obsessed with this one shirt and of course it wasn't the striped collared shirt from Gymboree.
It's a blue shirt with colored bubbles on it that he refers to as "balloon."

He picked it out at Target and since it was on clearance and $2, I bought it.  I'm trying to paint the image in your mind for you because I can't take a picture of it without him wanting to wear it to bed or put it on right away.  We had it on for two days straight - day and nighttime wear- until I finally hid it in my laundry basket so he'd forget about it for a mere second.
Don't judge me because I told him that "balloons is sleeping."
It's working for now...

But the kid is Mr. Independent these days wanting to take off his own clothes before bath, helping me put on his diaper or even trying to get dressed on his own.  Now let's add picking out his own clothes to this list.

For example...this was our pajama choice the other night:

And this is our choice tonight:

His sense of style is killing his fashion obsessed mother.  I mean let's get serious here - cars and guitars just because cars and guitars have the same endings DOES NOT mean they GO TOGETHER! I've started giving him choices and then I'll show him the one I want him to choose and say, "Ooo! Look Coco!  Trucks! Cool!"  And then he'll get excited and say "Yeah! Trucks!"  So I'm making him think that he's choosing it yet I've secretly already have done so for him.  Unfortunately this doesn't work all the time and we end up caving and he wears balloons for two days straight.  However, he's his own little person and I won't always be able to tell him what to wear.  But he's two so I should still have some say in the wardrobe, right?

And let's be honest, Gymboree does not come cheap.

Happy TWOSday! :)

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  1. Oy, just wait until all he wants to wear is track pants and T-shirts. A killer, especially since there is a whole closet full of polo collared shirts, jeans and cords. Really?!!!